The Team

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[dt_team_custom_item title=”Gareth Kirkpatrick” sub_title=”DIRECTOR” text=”Hardworking, determined and willing to help! Gareth has over 20 years experience in the Flooring Industry and has built great relationships over the years with others in the field.

Loves: Family, Holidays, Footy and Nice cars!” image_url=”2979″ social_link=”hide”]

[dt_team_custom_item title=”Cassie Kirkpatrick” sub_title=”OPERATIONS MANAGER” text=”Super organised, supportive and up for a challenge! Cassie has many transferrable skills which lend themselves well to keeping the family business organised and efficient.

Loves: Family, Holidays, Coffee dates with friends!” image_url=”2981″ social_link=”hide”]

[dt_team_custom_item title=”Sheri Lawrence” sub_title=”MARKETING AND BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT” text=”Creative and always up for a challenge, Sheri keeps things ticking over with our social media, websites and content creation.

Loves: Family, interior styling, and all things sparkly!” image_url=”3184″ social_link=”hide”]

[dt_team_custom_item title=”CarolAnn Heather” sub_title=”COMMERCIAL SALES MANAGER” text=”CarolAnn joins us in the South to service the Commercial projects and has a great amount of experience in the Interior Design sector.

Loves: Design, Travelling and South Africa!” image_url=”3129″ social_link=”hide”]

[dt_team_custom_item title=”Luke Carroll” sub_title=”BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER” text=”Luke has a wealth of knowledge and great relationships within the LVT market, and has had great success already, supporting Retailer and Trade customers with The Artist Collection.

Loves: Family, Lush holidays and you guessed it…all things Blues!” image_url=”3160″ social_link=”hide”]